Asphalt Crack Sealing & Patching

Asphalt Crack Sealing

parking lot crack repair

As asphalt pavement ages, cracks may begin to appear. Cracks develop for a variety of reasons — among the most common are thermal stresses, fatigue and reflective cracking from underlying pavement conditions.

Along with patching, crack sealing is the second most important maintenance program to follow. A good job here means cleaning out any weeds, grass or other debris and filling the cracks to the fullest extent possible with a suitable material to cope with our temperatures in New Mexico. Pioneer Paving & Grading, Inc. recommends that cracks with an opening of a  ¼ inch or more be sealed.

Most crack seal jobs can be opened about 20 minutes after sealing, sometimes shorter in winter. Without asphalt repair and maintenance efforts in place, these once small cracks allow water to enter and undermine the asphalt. Now more extensive repairs will be needed, at an increased cost to repair. Don’t let that happen.

Repairs such as asphalt patching and crack sealing can be the most economical way to preserve the quality and structural integrity of your parking area. We offer exceptional service in all areas of repair work.

Asphalt Patching

parking lot patch repair

At Pioneer Paving & Grading, Inc. we understand that time is crucial when it comes to repairing potholes, and we make sure that we respond to that need as quickly as possible and always for the most fair and reasonable price possible. We use only the highest quality materials and pride ourselves on doing the job correctly by industry standards, so you can rest assured that your pothole repair will last for the long haul.

As asphalt pavement progresses through its life-cycle, isolated areas of failure can occur. Once a pothole begins to form, it is important to repair it right away. Patching is a process where potholes, “alligatored” asphalt, or weak, brittle asphalt is removed. It is cut back to uncover sound, strong asphalt. This is sometimes called “full depth repair” – implying that any problematic asphalt is removed, exposing the base, which then can be evaluated as to its value. The base is re-compacted, edges are cleaned, and a coat of tack is applied to promote bonding of old and new, followed by fresh, hot asphalt, compacted to match the edges. It usually needs at least a few hours to cool off before the patch is open to  traffic.

Once your potholes are repaired, remember that maintenance is the key when it comes to preventing potholes in the future. Your asphalt surfaces need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure that the surfaces remain strong and intact.

Pioneer Paving & Grading, Inc. can handle all your asphalt maintenance needs. Providing your customers with a safe parking lot decreases the likelihood of falls and accidents.

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